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Chudai With My Sexy Neighbour

Hi friends I am Arun. I am 22 years old and I am here to share with you
my real life sex experience with my neighbour Sandhya. Both our families
are friends. She is 27 years old and is yet to be married. She looks
fair, beautiful and very very sexy. She always wears a T-shirt tops and a
skirt leaving her legs below her knees open. I liked her and she also
had the same feelings towards me. Initially I thought she was looking me
like her brother but it was not so.
Actually she has a problem. She was
a bit frustrated that she was still single and could not enjoy the
pleasures of a marriage life. I came to know about this when she came to
my house one day.

One day she and her mother came to my house. Her mother was speaking
with my mother inthe kitchen and she was sitting beside me in the living
room. We were talking generally and as I lifted my hands to pick up the
tv remote, my elbow hit her boobs and pressed it a bit. She has large
and tempting boobs that stretch her T-shirt way forward. I immediately
apologised to her saying it happened by mistake. She in a very relaxed
manner, gave a one sided smile and said it does not matter. The way she
smiled I felt she liked it. But I controlled myself and started a topic
which is quite similar to the event that happened just before.

I asked her whether she got any alliance for her marriage. She was a bit
worried and said nothing is going right for her. She wanted to have
enjoyed so many things by now but because she is still single, she is
unable to enjoy it. I innocently asked her as to why not she could enjoy
the same when she is single. She smiled and said “As you are an adult
I’ll make it clear. I was talking about sex and how to have sex alone?” I
wanted to offer her a night with me on bed but I thought she would get
angry and it would become a big issue. So I kept quiet. She then left my
house after sometime but from the time she left, I wanted to fuck her
badly even if she is 5 years older than me.

That night after dinner I went to my room directly saying that I was
feeling sleepy. I closed the room and kept thinking of her. I wanted to
give her an indication that I want to fuck her but did not know how to
start. Then suddenly I got an idea and called her at 9:30pm and said
“Nothing important. Just wanted to ask sorry for the boob press that
happened today.” She laughed and said “Thats ok ” I said “Its Ok? I
thought you will mistake me for that.” And in a slightly lower tone
asked her “What else is ok for you?” She then raised her voice and asked
“What?? What did you say now?” I told her “I was a bit worried for you
as you were frustrated not to have enjoyed sex till now.” She then in a
angry tone asked “So You mean to say you want to have sex with me.” I
immediately interrupted befor she gets too angry with me and said “I did
not mean that but if its ok for you then I dont mind because I just
wanted to make you relaxed and happy.” She was silent for a while and
then said “I’ll talk to you later.” and cancelled the call.

The next day she came home with her mother. Like the previous day, her
mother went in to talk with my mom and she came and sat beside me. I was
a bit afraid to ask her about that matter. But suddenly she placed her
hands on my penis over the pant and started rubbing it. I turned at her
and saw her smiling at me and said “I am ready to fuck you.” Immediately
my cock bulged inside my pant and I impatiently asked her “When shall
we do it?” She said “We need to be patient till we get some time alone.”
We waited for 2 weeks and every time she came home in those 2 weeks, I
used to press her boobs, slide my hands on her open thighs and rub her
pussy over her skirt. She also runs her hands on my cock and we do it
only when our parents are not noticing us. After 2 weeks finally we got
an opportunity. Her parents came home one day and asked about a weekend
vacation for both families together. As all plans were discussed and
they left, I took this opportunity and said that I am not coming as I
have got an important work to be done. I messaged her saying this is a
golden opportunity for us to fuck for 2 full days and so she also bunked
the vacation saying she needs to attend her friend’s marriage on

Both our families left by Friday evening around 7pm. She told me that
she will bring dinner to my house and after dinner we will do it for the
entire 2 days. It was 8pm and she came home with dinner. She was
wearing the same hot costume of pink T-shirt tops and a black and white
skirt with a caption on her T-shirt “Dare to touch it”. Seeing her so
hot and seductive and the feeling that I am alone with her made me
vibrant and I immediately locked the main door, pushed her to the wall,
squeezed her boobs and kissed her tightly. She dropped the food packets,
slowly removed her lips from mine and said “Lets have dinner first.” I
was not at all interested in eating anything except her juicy body. I
just said “We will have it in between sex.” and started kissing her
again. This time she also kissed me tight and dipped her tongue into my
mouth and we had a tongue fight.

I was so excited and I went down her body kissing and biting her large
boobs, stomach, her abdomen, knees and also kissed her feet. I went into
her skirt, kissed and bit her thighs. She kept shouting aah ohh mmm
ouch and with the thirst of drinking her pussy juice removed her panty
and threw it on the staircase handle. I rubbed all over and around her
pussy. It was so clean without any indication of hair. She also
understood my intentions and said “I shaved it just half an hour ago.”
She was still standing by resting on the wall as I spread her legs and
started sucking her pussy inside her skirt. The water from her pussy was
flowing out and I drank all the juice. It was really tasty. Her pussy
lips were out and it was so soft and spicy. She kept moaning and slowly
she lifted my T-shirt up, removed it and threw it on the staircase.

After drinking all her pussy juice and sucking her pussy lips I came out
of her skirt, went up and again kissed her. We then locked lips tightly
and started moving up the stairs in that position. As we climbed a few
steps I pulled her T-shirt up and threw it right at that step. As we
climbed a few more steps we reached the mid way between ground and first
floor. She then slowly lowered her arms and pulled my pant down and I
took my feet out of my pants and left it there. She was wearing a design
bra which has hooks at the front and not at the back. I pressed her
breasts hard, took off the hooks and removed her bra like a shirt and
hung it and the end of the staircase handle. Her boobs were very big and
they were erect and pointed. I kept sucking her nipples and after
sometime we pushed each other up towards the first floor and towards the
bedroom. She was just wearing her skirt and i was wearing only my

We kept kissing and slowly reached the bedroom entrance where she
pressed my cock and lowered my underwear, removed it and dropped it at
the entrance. I then put my hands into her skirt behind, pressed her big
ass and removed her skirt just inside the bedroom and threw it on the
floor. Both of us were fully nude and without wasting any time we jumped
on the bed. She took my cock in her hands, shaked it, peeled down the
outer skin and brought the inner flesh out. She sucked my cock for 5
minutes. After mouth fucking her for 5 minutes, I pushed her on the bed,
spread her legs, placed my cock on her pussy mouth and slowly pushed it
in. As it started to enter she felt a bit pain and shouted aah and then
I slowly penetrated my cock deep into her pussy and she felt really
good. She kept moaning mmm aah ohh oooh ssss and in just 4 strokes my
6.5 inch cock immersed fully into her hot, wet and tight pussy.

We fucked for 20 minutes and we started sweating a lot. She was at the
peak of sexual pleasure and her eyes were almost closed. As we got
drenched in sweat I saw her wet underarms as her arms were spread wide
across the bed. It was cleanly shaved just like her pussy and I love
drinking woman’s underarm sweat. So I kept fucking her and slowly
kissed, licked and sucked the sweat flowing from her underarms. It was
salty and very tasty. As I was sucking her underarm sweat I felt the
semen coming out of my dick. In the pleasure of my semen coming out I
started chewing her fleshy underarms and splashed my hot creamy semen
into her pussy and both our bodies vibrated in pleasure.

It was about 10pm and we decided to take a break and have dinner. I
brought the food packets to the bedroom and we had our dinner. After
finishing our dinner she asked “Shall we continue it tomorrow. I am
tired and my pussy is also paining a bit.” I said “If your pussy is
paining then I’ll fuck your ass hole.” Giving her no time to react, I
made her bend on her knees, spread her ass and saw her ass hole. It was
very small looked almost impossible for my dick to pierce that hole. So I
dipped my middle finger into it and after 5 minutes put my forefinger
also into it. She kept shouting ouch aah more more. After finger fucking
her for about 10 minutes, I found her ass hole a bit enlarged. So I
took my dick, placed it at the opening and dipped it hard and full into
her ass hole in one go. She screamed aloud and after a minute of ass
hole fucking she also started enjoying it. I drilled her ass hole for 15
minutes and changed our position from bending down on her knees to
sleeping flat on the bed and sleeping over her and then sleeping on a
side position and fucking from behind. I kept beating her dancing boobs
as I fucked her ass hole and she enjoyed it. In about a minute from then
my dick started vibrating again and I filled her ass also with my
cream. I took my dick out and she was flat on the bed like a beaten up
body trying to get her breath back.

She in a tired tone said “This is it for tonight.” But I wanted to give
her an intense squirting orgasm. So I said “Just relax babe”, went down
slowly dipped my fingers one after the other and put my hand into her
pussy. I kept digging my hand into her pussy and as my wrist went in I
was able to touch her female organ. She kept moaning as I was digging
into her pussy and when I touched her female organ she started moaning
louder. I slowly rubbed her organ and started speeding it up. After a
minute I rubbed and squeezed it hard and she started screaming aloud. I
immediately covered her mouth with mine to reduce the noise and in a few
seconds, a sea of water erupted from inside and as I withdrew my hands
from her pussy she started squirting for about 15 seconds and
experienced an intense squirting orgasm. She squirted all over my bed
and fell on bed fully exhausted.

It was just past 12am and I was also very tired. So both of us sealed
the fun with it but only for that night. We did it on Saturday night and
Sunday evening also before our families returned. So dont know about
our families but we had the most heavenly weekend of our life. It was
very much heavenly to fuck a woman who is 5 years older than me with
full authority. I felt very happy within me for having sex with sandhya
who once saw me as her younger brother and things suddenly changed.

So friends this is my real life sex story with my neighbour Sandhya. It
feels great to share my experience with you. Thanks a lot for reading my
story “Erotic Sex With My Sexy Neighbour”.

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